rent villa...in Tuscany




rent villa...in Tuscany


The Garfagnana area is situated north of Tuscany.

This immense valley has remained untouched over the years and whoever walks through it, will immediately be at close contact with nature itself. Its landscape varies from the Apuan Alps’ rocky and spiky tops to soft pastures and cultivated hills of the Apennines slopes, to the beautiful chestnut woodlands that lie between.

Almost the entire area of Garfagnana is part of the Natural Park of the Apuan Alps, therefore,

flora and fauna are strictly protected. It is possible to spot wild animals around; and in the vast defined area within the Natural Park of Orecchiella you can see brown bears running free.

The ‘Serchio’ river runs through the Garfagnana which is the reason for the lusciously green landscape.

In this area, there are still many traditional stone wall buildings, roads, alleyways, typical of time past; all of which are now given a much stronger identity and are being appreciated.

Traditions are vital for our economy as well as for the daily life that takes place in this area;

it is through the recovery of these ancient customs and trades that today Garfagnana is offering, to visitors and locals, genuine natural products and traditional dishes as well as a clean and uncontaminated environment.

All these are offered through the warmth and hospitality of the local inhabitants; everyone will feel a great sense of peace and relaxation in this land made at men’s measure.

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Garfagnana, its land and traditions.

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